About me

Ever since I was young design has been one of my most prominent interests, be it fashion, art, or interior design.  Especially the idea of integrated intelligent technology into design, in which an object becomes the interface to tell a story has always been very appealing to me. I prefer to get my inspiration from my direct surroundings, combining it with background information that is already in my head, several artists or historic events, giving it a particular, poetic feel.

As a very progressive, marketing oriented thinker, I am very interested in convincing the user to experience a certain emotion. Luckily that is right down my alley, as I am both a very practical as well as an empathic person. I have very little trouble sensing how a person feels about something or assuming their point of view.
I am not a person who aims to be in the spotlights. Tranquility, orderliness and clarity sound more like me; I would much rather do my own thing. Although I am a thinker, I am someone who likes coming up with ideas just as much as carrying them out. Having a great sense of responsibility, I am also not afraid to intervene whenever necessary, or even assume the role of leadership. Flexibility is the keyword here. Despite being an introvert at heart, my inner perfectionist will step up if needed to deliver something good.
That is why I always leave my options open to improvise.

To me, design means simplistic elegance that doesn't need to shout out to get attention, because of the ambiance surrounding it. The way a design can evoke a particular feeling or emotion with the user, or trigger a certain behavior through its shape, material and technology is fascinates me.
​I have not yet decided whether I am aiming to let the use of the integrated technology in my designs be the purpose of its functionality and let the user's comfort be my number one objective, or that the integrated technology will mainly be used to make my design more aesthetically pleasing. But I believe that the combination of Industrial Design at the TU/e and my interests will complement each other very well and give me as designer the possibility to generate outstanding designs with high technical innovation strength.

I believe interesting design is reachable by breaking through boundaries and conventional ideas, and by improving the interaction between user and product. However, I think that those things combined still are not enough to let the design become alive; the way the design is presented to the public is also something I deem very important.
Studio Roosegaarde is an example of a design team which really inspires me. With projects ranging from fashion to architecture, they creates smart and social designs that interact in a surprisingly natural way reacting to sound and movement. Studio Roosegaarde works function as exploration of the dynamic relation between architecture, people, and technology. 
Another great source of inspiration to me has been Alexander McQueen, whom I can give no other title than an artist. It is in the ability of an artist to inspire and to provoke.
It was not his intention to simply make beautiful things; he wanted to tell a story, to mock certain events, to share his opinions, to bring history to the present. His runway shows were more like performances, and every choice he made in the clothing had a reason which guided you through his story; from the usage of certain fabrics or patterns to the shapes of the clothes.